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eclipse test & performance tools platform project

This project proposal is in the Proposal Phase and is posted here to solicit additional project participation and ways the project can be leveraged from the Eclipse membership-at-large. You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please send all feedback to the eclipse.test-and-performance newsgroup or the test-and-performance-proposal mailing list.

Project Organization

The Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project is an open source Top Level Project of Project Charter describes the organization of the project, roles and responsibilities of the participants, and top-level development process for the project. The Top Level Project is overseen by a Project Management Committee (PMC). The PMC divides the Top Level Project into Projects coordinating identified resources of the Projects against a Development Plan and working against a CVS repository. Frequently asked questions and corresponding answers may be found in the Project FAQs page. For more information on participation, see Contributing to the Project.

Project Principles

Among the key principles on which this project has been initiated, and will be run, are the following:

Extension of the Eclipse Value Proposition
The Eclipse Project has set a high standard for technical excellence, functional innovation and overall extensibility within the universal tool platform domain. We intend to apply these same standards to the test & performance tools platform domain.

Vendor Ecosystem
A major goal of this project is to support a vital application development tools market. Its exemplary functionality will be useful on its own but it will be designed from the start to be extensible so commercial vendors can use what this project delivers as a foundation for their own product innovation and development efficiency.

Vendor Neutrality
Vendor neutrality will be at the core of this project. We aim to encourage Eclipse participation and drive Eclipse market acceptance by strengthening the long-term product value propositions of the widest possible range of application development vendors.

Standards-Based Innovation
This project will deliver an extensible, standards-based tooling foundation on which the widest possible range of vendors can create value-added development products for their customers and end-users. Where standards exist, we will adhere to them. At least, at first, where standards are emerging, we will wait for them to emerge; this can be re-evaluated later according to user needs and contributor availability. Where multiple technologies are widely used for a given functional need, we will attempt to support each, subject only to technical feasibility and our goal of providing the most capable and extensible foundation long term.

Agile Development
Our aim is to incorporate into our planning process the innovations that arise once a project is underway, and the feedback from our user community on our achievements to date. An agile development and planning process, in which progress is incremental, near-term deliverables are focused, and long-term planning is flexible, will be the best way to achieve this.

Inclusiveness & Diversity
We aim to assimilate the best ideas from the largest number of participants representing the needs of the widest range of end-users. So we will encourage organizations across a broad range of technical, market and geographical domains to participate in this project.

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