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Eclipse Project Releases in Good Standing

EXPERIMENTAL. This page shows a list of Eclipse open source projects and releases from the last year that are believed to be in good standing.


The projects listed below are considered to be in good standing and are in active development. A project that conforms to the Eclipse Foundation Development Process but is not in active development (e.g., the code is stable) would be considered to be in good standing, but is none-the-less excluded here. To be included in this list, the corresponding Eclipse open source project must have engaged in either a release or progress review in the year preceding the release.


Grayed out releases are have future dates (these releases have been projected into the future by the corresponding project team); only the releases scheduled in the next month are included in this block.

Note that service releases that are based on releases in good standing, but are themselves dated more than one year after a review are absent from this list.

If you believe that your project's release should be listed here, first confirm that your project engaged in a review within the 12 months leading up to the release date, and if you're satisfied that your release is in good standing, contact for assistance (or to initiate a review).

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