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Project Plan For Subversive, version Neon


Subversive provides you a way to use supported SVN clients easily directly from your workbench. Friendly user interface of Subversive makes it much more comfortable to operate repositories. All SVN operations are supported and there are no difficulties while working with command line from now on.

The plan deals with the important matters of release deliverables, release milestones, target operating environments, and release-to-release compatibility. These are all things that need to be clear for any release, even if no features were to change.

Release Deliverables

The Subversive plug-in itself, including Mylyn, M2E integrations and localizations, is distributed from both via update-site and archive download. The other integrations and Subversive SVN Connectors needed to get Subversive to work with SVN can be found on Polarion Software site. The archived copies for Polarion distributed parts are not available.

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Release Milestones

Release milestones will be occurring at roughly 6 week intervals, and will be aligned with the Neon Simultaneous Release train.

M118 Aug 2015
M229 Sep 2015
M310 Nov 2015
M415 Dec 2015
M502 Feb 2016
M622 Mar 2016
M703 May 2016
RC117 May 2016
RC224 May 2016
RC331 May 2016
RC407 Jun 2016

Individual, milestone level plans for the components that make up the Eclipse Project can be found on the Eclipse Neon Project Plan page on the Eclipse wiki.

Our target is to complete 4.6 in June 2016, in alignment with Neon. All release deliverables will be available for download as soon as the release has been tested and validated in the target operating configurations listed below.

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Target Environments

New Subversive builds do not support nor Eclipse 4.3 and earlier, nor JRE 1.5. In the future this solution should allow us to make project code more clean and stable.

So, the Subversive project will support:

  • Eclipse Platform 4.4.x and higher
  • JDK/JRE 1.6.x and higher
  • Migration from SVN version 1.1.x-1.6.x to SVN 1.8.x and higher.
  • SVN version 1.8.x using SVN 1.8 compatible connectors.
  • SVN version 1.9.x using SVN 1.9 compatible connectors.


The user interface elements provided by Subversive, including dialogs and error messages, are externalized. The English strings are provided as the default resource bundles.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Stored configuration/repositories data are compatible with 0.7.x-2.0.x versions

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Themes and Priorities

The project has identified major areas of work, that will be the priorities for this development cycle.


We have lot of issue reports and tip for improvements registered on our tracker. The most important ones of these reports should be processed in alignment with Neon release.

  • Add "Revert changes from revision" in the History view 392051
  • Mylyn to integrate with commit dialog with "bugraq" support 322120
  • Support for changelist command 318650
  • Allow variables in svn commit templates 320559
  • Compare multiselection with branch/tag [ID-FOO1V] 316899
  • [Synchronize View] Improvement: Allow to create a new empty change set 258661
  • SVN Change Sets model does not always display date and author information 294852
  • Documentation Grammar/Spelling 293311
  • Set SVN Kit 1.8 as default(initial) connector 489643 [done]
  • Refactor IOptionProvider so that adding another option does not bring an interface change next time 489644 [done]
  • Add a setting, that allows to commit derived resources 480041 [done]
  • Need an extension point to provide comment templates programmatically 419093 [done]
  • SVN Kit 1.8.12: support for Subversion 1.9 new FSFS repository format 487147 [done]
  • Parse certificate message passed as parameter by SVN 1.8 and earlier clients in order to provide support for SVN 1.9 API 487220 [done]
  • "Trust SSL server certificate" dialog should distinguish error codes provided by SVN 1.9 API 488453 [done]
  • Introduce SVN 1.9 API support 485022 [done]
  • Enable SVN 1.9 features in SVN 1.9 based connector 488472 [done]
  • Refactor and remove deprecated merge API calls 488677 [done]
  • Make 'Project Structure' preferences page appear more compact 486862 [done]
  • SVN Plugin does not provide option to set default checkout directory 486009 [done]
  • Provide interface to use SVN 1.8 diff output options 476177 [done]

Bug Fixing

  • Show Annotation from SVN Repositories opens two editors 331285
  • Trust of expired certificate is volatile 384018
  • Deadlock when deleting Secure Storage during SVN update 353462
  • "Show History" keypress leaves focus in editor view 328987
  • Issues with connectors shouldn't be silenced 350993
  • Subversive does not handle multimodule projects correctly (maven projects etc.) 392882
  • Synchronizations contain extra unwanted resources if selected using working sets 411341
  • SVN+SSH problems when not using port 22 394550
  • When marking as merged, the file is considered as "added" 388407
  • History of a deleted file does not show the revision where the file was deleted 387494
  • SVNRemoteStorage: resource change listener jobs cause OOM 489143 [done]
  • Ignored files shown as outgoing additions 392750 [done]
  • Extensive SVN update checks for generated code 489649 [done]
  • Refactor copy/pasted queue code in SVNRemoteStorage 489664 [done]
  • Move 'Create Patch' action in pop-up menu next to 'Apply Patch' 486907 [done]
  • No content for remote variant of deleted file in Synchronize View 488683 [done]
  • Typo in "Getting Started" documentation 485185 [done]
  • Information in "Trust server certificate" dialog is hard to read 485344 [done]
  • "Compare with" dialogs exit with "A path under version control is needed for this operation" error message 485622 [done]
  • An exception occurs while moving a resource into a package whose SVN text status is set to "Deleted" 486496 [done]
  • "Inappropriate resource state" exception while adding replaced but not yet added folder to source control 486835 [done]
  • Compare with another branch shows files with no difference [SVN 1.7 or older] 326694 [done]
  • Weird behavior of the "Compare with branch" feature 484929 [done]
  • Deadlock is possible within RelocatedProjectHelper 483402 [done]
  • Prompt that asks what to do after project relocation shown in a loop forever 482565 [done]
  • IConnectedProjectInformation is an unneeded interface 483232 [done]
  • Remove unused code in the InaccessibleLocationDataHelper class 483231 [done]
  • FindRelatedProjectsOperation should not activate project initialization 483230 [done]
  • Remove outdated project-to-location management code 483229 [done]
  • NPE in CreatePatchWizard [ID-AW5HY] 481725 [done]
  • Unhandled event loop exception 480521 [done]
  • NPE in CompareWithLatestRevisionAction [ID-D9JJ1] 480129 [done]
  • Attempted to beginRule: P/xxxx, does not match outer scope rule in SVNRemoteStorage [ID-HTT9T] 325407 [done]
  • NPE in SVNRepositoryLocation.asRepositoryContainer [ID-W6HFD] 477111 [done]
  • Grammatical error 476637 [done]
  • Unversioned deleted files may reappear in patch dialog if called from Synchronize View 476171 [done]

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