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Project Plan For R4E (Review for Eclipse), version 0.20


The first goal of Mylyn Reviews R4E is integration of Eclipse-based code review functionality that's seamlessly integrated with the Tasks and SCM systems supported by Mylyn. Eclipse integration for Agile code reviews, the formal IEEE code review process, review reports with BIRT and aim to support many Eclipse artifact for reviews, e.g. JDT (Java files), CDT (C/C++ files), EMF (models).

Release Deliverables

  • Reviews for Eclipse (R4E)

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

Reviews for Eclipse 0.20 depends on Mylyn 3.9.0 (Kepler).

Fifth Release
Fourth Release
Third Release
Second R4E Release
First R4E Release
Base Core/UI functionality

Table of Contents

Target Environments

R4E is designed to run on version 1.6 of the Java Runtime Environment, Standard Edition or later.

R4E 0.20 will support the following Eclipse releases

  • Eclipse 4.3
  • Eclipse 4.2
  • Eclipse 3.8

Test Platforms

  • Suse Linux 11, x86, x86-64
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04, x86
  • Windows 7, x86-64
  • MAC OS X


Reviews for Eclipse (R4E) follows the internationalization guidelines of the Mylyn project.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

R4E is backward compatible with the previous released versions

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

In addition to using the planned themes listed below, we need to continue prioritizing the ongoing input of our growing user community. Committers should prioritize bugs in the following order. This order needs not be used if a bug contains a community contribution of a patch, in which case the quality of the patch determines the priority.

0.20.0 - R4E Release

  • Proposed

    • Invalid Preferences at startup [412876] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • ClassCastException in "Enter Anomaly Detail" dialog [412996] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • [UI] Dialogues may increase width [346718] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Anomaly Description in New anomaly dialog needs horizontal scroll [368402] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • [ui] Comment dialogue does not have an horizontal scroll [390559] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • [UI] NPE when selecting a file from the commit [404398] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Generating a report on a window environment generate a null pointer exception [410451] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Wrong dialog when creating a group from Review Navigator view menu [412875] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Support R4E Reviews in Mylyn Task List [389458] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Implement Mylyn Task Repository for R4E Review Groups [389460] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Implement Mylyn Task Editor for R4E Reviews [389461] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Implement Mylyn Task Query dialog [389462] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Support Mylyn Context activation for R4E tasks [389463] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Implement Mylyn Task Repository Settings Dialog [389464] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Implement Generic EMF Connector and UI [392120] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Provide an upgrade manager implementation to migrate model data to new R4E versions [396216] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Enter Anomaly Details dialogue may overflow outside the screen [394704] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • Maximize the description of the anomaly dialogue box [370571] (target milestone: 0.20)
    • [ui] Unable to select the rank from the anomaly dialogue window [374282] (target milestone: 0.20)

Table of Contents

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