Model your application !

OSBP (open standard business platform) is the community version of OS.bee, an open source software development environment combining no-code, low-code as well as traditional model driven and automated application development. Based on domain specific languages, it is made for developers who want to implement by modelling tailor-made business, enterprise or any other application the fastest and easiest possible way.
OSBP is based on best in class extensible and exchangeable frameworks, Eclipse projects, tools and runtime environments for building, deploying and managing software applications across their lifecycle. In short: OSBP ist the first and only full stack no-code low-code software development environment in the Eclipse Ecosystem.
Need a fullfledge 100% open source software development environment?
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OSBP in Eclipse

Access the power of a combination of best in class frameworks via a unique DSL-architecture.
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Easy to learn

OSBP is designed to onboard you smoothly. With easy to learn no-code and low-code tools you can generate your first application in minutes.

High quality

OSBP is the result of joint effort of experienced software architects and developers. The main driver behind this project is Compex, a software company with 30+ years of history and a solid track of creating ERP solutions with several 10.000 end users.

Multi device

Whether you are targeting end-user, citizen developers, domain experts or professionl software developers, you will be able to provide all necessary tools to implement the required application on any device.


We know that tools need to be fast in order to be helpful. We believe that there no faster method to develop applications than with combining no-code, low-code and traditional development technics.

Target any platform

By default we target Java, but as OSBP mainly relies on Xtext, you can target any platform or artifact.

Easy to use applications

Automaticaly create flexible, ergonomic and intuitive user interfaces without coding for full user satisfaction.


Highly customizable

Not only applications shall be customizable but also development environments. Even better, application development should be independent of specific frameworks. Therefore OSBP models rely on domain specific languages (DSL) to uncouple dependencies between business and IT know-how. All OSBP DSL allow to insert custom behavior for every single feature by replacing the default implementation.

Unique full stack DSL architecture

We believe that business models shall not be stashed in plain source code. Instead, business models using modeling techniques persisted in domain specific languages (DSL) will result in short implementation times, sustainable and easy improvable business applications dramatically diminishing software related costs. Using OSBP, developers and architects can take advantage of built-in 30+ frameworks, covering practically all different aspects of engineering business or enterprise applications.

Sophisticated Application Layout

OSBP delivers typical visualization and interaction components that build a graphical user interface (GUI), including dialogs, tables (and grids), reports, charts, topology maps, business processes, and organograms. All these features can be designed via distinct view model DSL. A view, once defined, can be reused on different parts. The structure of an OSBP application relies on the Eclipse E4 application model, which provides a very flexible way to determine how the application frontend can be subdivided. In other words, end user applications build with OSBP benefit from the well-known Eclipse IDE ergonomics.


The service layer defines a common set of application operations available to many kind of client and it coordinates an application's response in each operation . All services follow the Declarative Service specification and implement the E4 Context Function if related to the UI. Any service can therefore be injected into your customized code to benefit from its functionality, also Web Services are supported. Services comprise I18N support, object metadata, event and message broadcasting, units of measurement, dialog layouting and focusing strategies, and many more.

Data persistence

Business applications are always data centric. It may be a relational database or a non-SQL database, a web-service or just files. OSBP is not tied to a specific technology. You can easily mix various database products in a single application. The OS.bee persistence includes features like entity models, data types and data transfer objects (DTO), supplemented by persistence service, OSGi implementations, as well as mock data generator.


With integration features OSBP based applications can be embedded into environments of your choice. Data interchange allows for a real-time integration with any system and delivers a lightweight platform on which you can build your own custom processing logic for a wide range of data formats. Transform data regardless of formats and implement ETL features.