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Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 8 Support

Ottawa, Canada – April 2, 2014 - The Eclipse top-level project is very proud to announce official support for Java™ 8 for Eclipse Kepler SR2 (Eclipse 4.3.2). For details on how to discover and install the Java 8 support please visit our Java™ 8 support page.

The Java™ 8 support contains the following:

  • Eclipse compiler implementation for all the new Java™ 8 language enhancements
  • Updated significant features to support Java™ 8, such as Search and Refactoring
  • Quick Assist and Clean Up to migrate anonymous class creations to lambda expressions and back
  • New formatter options for lambdas

Note that PDE API Tools have not yet adopted the new language constructs. This will be completed in the Eclipse Luna release available in June 2014. Java™ 8 support will also be available in the Eclipse Luna M7 packages expected to be available on May 9, 2014.

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