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Register for the Eclipse Spring 2011 Training Series

Community Bulletin

The Eclipse Foundation and Eclipse member companies are pleased to announce the Spring 2011 Training Series. These training classes are an excellent opportunity for software developers and architects to learn more about Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Eclipse Equinox, OSGi and Modeling technologies. Eclipse experts will lead the sessions, providing practical experience through classroom instruction and hands-on labs. Virtual and on-site classes have been scheduled in several countries from April 25 to May 26, 2011.

Students who register at least 2 weeks in advance will receive a 10% discount on the registration price. See the schedule for a complete list of courses and course descriptions.

Eclipse members participating in the training series are AvantSoft, EclipseSource, Jasmine Conseil, Industrial TSI, Obeo, OPCoach, The RCP Company and RCP Vision

Take advantage of this excellent learning opportunity and register for an Eclipse training class today!

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