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Eclipse Application Developer Day

Community Bulletin

An Eclipse Application Developer Day (EADD) is being held in Karlsruhe, Germany on July 7, 2009. This full-day event will provide an opportunity for both new experienced Eclipse developers to learn more about the Eclipse platform and how it is being used in every day applications.

The Eclipse Runtime will be featured in many aspects of the program including a joint keynote on Equinox, RCP and other runtime technologies by Jochen Krause from EclipseSource and Harald Mueller from SAP. You'll learn more about the individual Runtime projects in presentations including Christian Campo from compeople on the Riena Project, Benjamin Muskalla from EclipseSource on RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) and Heiko Seeberger from Weigle Wilczek on OSGi. Steffen Becker from FZI will contribute with a talk on modelling.

The call for presentations is open until May 21st so stay tuned for more exciting additions to the program.

Eclipse Application Developer Day is sponsored by andrena objects, the Eclipse Foundation, EclipseSource, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, SAP and Silverstroke. Support is also being contributed by Bredex, instinctools and itemis. The support provided by these organizations has made it possible to offer this event free of charge to participants.

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