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EclipseCon 2009 Open for Registration

Community Bulletin

Registration for EclipseCon 2009 is now open. EclipseCon will be held March 23-26 in Santa Clara, CA. The "Very Early" registration price is availabe until December 31 and gives a 40% discount off the onsite price. A single fee provides access to the entire conference.

Three great keynotes have been selected for EclipseCon this year. They are:

  • The Social Mind as a Runtime Environment: Designing Like Groups Matter - Clay Shirky and Jeff Atwood
  • Building Applications for the Cloud with Amazon Web Services - Peter Vosshall and Don MacAskill
  • Darwin Among the IDEs - Dr. Tim Wagner and Kevin McGuire

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity - register for EclipseCon today!

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