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Eclipse DemoCamps - Ganymede Edition

Community Bulletin

To celebrate the Ganymede release in June, the Eclipse Foundation is inviting individuals to organize and attend Eclipse DemoCamps around the world. The DemoCamps are informal meetings where Eclipse fans can present what they’re doing with Eclipse. The demos can be of open source projects, research projects, applications based on Eclipse, commercial products using Eclipse or anything Eclipse related that you think will be of interest to the attendees.

Where and When are DemoCamps Being Organized?
DemoCamps will be organized all around the world during the month of June. Check out the DemoCamp wiki for a location near you. Also, register to let the organizers know you will be attending. Space may be limited at some locations.

Can I Demo My Cool Stuff?
We encourage everyone to showcase what projects and products they’re developing with Eclipse, especially technology related to the Ganymede release. Please add your name as a presenter on the wiki page for your local DemoCamp. If there isn’t a DemoCamp near you, why not try to organize one in your city?

I Want to Help Organize a DemoCamp in My City
First check out the list of cities with DemoCamps already organized. If one already exists in your area, contact the organizer and volunteer to help out. If a city in your area is not on the list, then check out the details for organizing a DemoCamp.

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