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Write a Review, Win an Eclipse Shirt

Community Bulletin

We want to hear what you think of the Eclipse projects that are being released as part of Europa. In fact, we will give you an Eclipse shirt for writing a Europa review. One lucky winner will also win a pass to EclipseCon 2008 or Eclipse Summit Europe 2007.

To qualify, all you need to do is write a review about one or more of the projects that are part of the Eclipse Europa release. Have the review published on your blog, a newsgroup, or portal (such as EclipseZone, Javalobby, The Serverside, InfoQ, etc.) and then send us a link to We would also ask that you please add a link to your review to dzone and use the 'eclipse' tag.

A review will be deemed worthy of an Eclipse shirt, if the content conveys sufficient technical content. We aren't looking for long essays, but at least 3-5 points of what you like or don't like about a project(s). Simply saying 'Europa is available', 'Europa Rocks', 'Europa Sucks' won't get you a shirt.

We will also be giving out brand new Eclipse jackets to the 'top 3' reviews and the person the writes the 'best' review will receive a pass to the next EclipseCon 2008 or Eclipse Summit Europe 2007. The 'top 3' and the 'best' reviews will be selected by a panel of judges. The judges will select the winners from the list of reviews submitted to dzone. The judging will take place after July 31, 2007.

Important Details:

  • Anyone can write a review. You can also write multiple reviews but if you do please follow the submission guidlelines for each review. However, we will only send one shirt per person.
  • The EclipseCon or Eclipse Summit Europe pass only covers the conference registration. It does not include any travel expenses. The pass is non-transferable, non-refundable and it has no cash value. Meaning if you can't go to either conference or you received a free pass some other way (ie. a speaker pass), you won't be able to take advantage of the prize.
  • Eclipse is a global community, so feel free to write a review in your native tongue.
  • Informed, insightful, educated reviews—postitive and negative—are always welcomed. However, anti-Eclipse, FUD-spewers, propogandists, vile, mean-spirited curmudgeons need not apply.

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