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Marketplace Client (MPC) - New & Noteworthy 1.1

Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) is a rich client interface for browsing and installing the Eclipse based solutions listed on the Eclipse Marketplace portal. It is a new feature that allows Eclipse users to discover and install Eclipse solutions directly into their Eclipse installation.

MPC is included in all of the packages available from the Eclipse download page (except the Classic Package). It is accessible from the Help menu. Below are the New & Noteworthy features of MPC 1.1 which was released as part of Indigo.

Drag & Drop installation
You're now able to drag & drop a link from your web browser to Eclipse in order to start the installation of a solution.

Sharing solutions with your friends
From the installed solutions tab, you can share the solution via email or twitter.

Easy switching between catalogs
At the bottom of the MPC wizard, you now have all available catalogs at your fingertips.

Tags for solutions
Each solutions now provides tags to better find these solutions. In addition, you can easily click a tag to search for this.

See also the MPC 1.0 New & Noteworthy.

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