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Re: [xwt-dev] [technology-pmc] Fwd: XWT in Eclipse Neon release


This is the IP Log from your last release. There's actually been a contribution to the project since your last release and so we need to the log needs be regenerated. Also, the IP Team reviews IP Logs, not the PMC.

I have submitted the IP Log to the IP Team on your behalf using the link that I provided to you in my note. It's in the IP Team's queue.

I've also updated the release record to reflect the correct release date (June 22/2016).

While I have the PMC's attention...

PMC, can you please approve this release and the corresponding documentation found at the following URL:



On 10/06/16 11:54 AM, Yves YANG wrote:



Please review this IP Log.


Best regards




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Subject: [xwt-dev] Fwd: XWT in Eclipse Neon release


Greetings XWT Committers

We are very late in the process and I haven't heard from you.

There are projects in the Neon Simultaneous Release that depend on XWT that are going to be broken if we have to remove your bits from the simultaneous release repository.

Will somebody be able to complete the obligations for the release review?

I need to you to submit the project's IP Log for review [1] by the IP Team and request approval from the Technology PMC (via technology-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx) of the release and review materials.

This needs to be done ASAP.





Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
EclipseCon France 2016


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