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[xsd-dev] Xerces 2.11.0


I want to create an XSD 1.1 as I need some new features as
maxOccurs="unbounded" in <all> and others. So I need to use Xerces 2.11.0
which support XSD 1.1.

But in my .eclipse/793567567/plugins there is

How can I update to Xerces 2.11.0?

I tried to put xercesImpl.jar from
Xerces-J-bin.2.11.0-xml-schema-1.1-beta.tar.gz which I downloaded from
Apache, but it didn't work, it gave errors.

I tried OxygenXML Eclipse plugin but it uses Xerces 2.9.0 too.

My configuration:
Fedora 15

I can send Eclipse config if needed.

Martin E.

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