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Re: [xsd-dev] Questions about XSD editing behavior in Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)

This sounds like the XSD editor from the WTP project. (I know ... it's very confusing!).

I'd suggest you open a bug with all these points (in 'webtools', xsd component) and the developers can address specifics.
I know there was a bug on the first item in your list, and I _think_ fixed in maintenance (but not sure). Not sure about the rest. They may have been intentional "fixes" but perhaps more user formatting options are needed? But do be sure to check the preferences under XML formatting ... I do know some new ones were added, but don't recall off the top of my head if they'd impact these items.


From: "Schechter, Michael" <MSchechter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "xsd-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx" <xsd-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08/12/2008 10:01 AM
Subject: [xsd-dev] Questions about XSD editing behavior in Ganymede (Eclipse        3.4)

My team recently started using Ganymede fairly heavily, and we have discovered some very odd behavior when using the XML schema formatting functions as compared to Europa:
1) Blank lines are always removed, regardless of the XML editor setting
2) Selecting "Split multiple attributes..." now splits the line even if there is only one attribute ("<xsd:minLength value="5" />" is split to multiple lines)
3) Documentation is no longer formatted - the xsd:documentation tags are not indented correctly, and the text is not auto-wrapped to conform to the configured line width
4) Converting from "indent with spaces" to "indent with tabs" generates some very odd-looking formatting (open and close tags no longer at the same indent level)
From a consistency perspective, we find it very difficult to use the built-in formatting as it is so different from the previous version. Were these planned changes, or is there something obvious we are missing?
Michael Schechter
Lead Telematics Specialist
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