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Re: [xsd-dev] First trick


Please use the newsgroup instead of the mailing list for questions.

Have you looked at the documentation section:

There are tutorials there  and also a description of how to search then newsgroup contents for answers to old questions: Newsgroups - Offline Searching with Mozilla Outlook Express

Note that the org.eclipse.xsd.test plugin is a good place to start with a working example; it has sample scripts in the test directory.  Also, the org.eclipse.xsd plugin contains some good sample code in org.eclipse.xsd.util.XSDPrototypicalSchema.

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Julien Nouhant <jnouhant@xxxxxxxx>
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02/11/2005 05:30 AM

Please respond to

[xsd-dev] First trick

Hello, It's my first message and I'm beginning working with xsd. Does anyone know the address of a tutorial on how to load an xsd schema and to analyze it?
Or maybe someone having a sample program to do this.
I downloaded :
extracted id and put it in the plugins and features folders of the eclipse directory.

is it enough?
Thanks by advance for helping me.

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