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[xsd-dev] Re: referencing another XSD file within an XSD file


      The W3C XML Schema language permits the use of a element information
item with the tag "include", so you could have, within fairlystatic.xsd,

      If the elements, attributes and types for the frequently constructed
schema file are going to use a different XML Namespace, there is a
different element information item in the W3C XML Schema Language, called

      You should review the W3C XML Schema Language Primer [1], especially
section 4.1 [2].

      For the future, questions about whether you can do something or other
in the W3C XML Schema language, that you can't answer by consulting a book
or a specification [3], should be posted to: xmlschema-dev@xxxxxx .  [4]
You can subscribe to that mailing list using [5].


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Is it possible to reference another XSD file within an XSD file? What I'd
like to do is have a fairly static XSD file which contains an element whose
valid values change often reference a 2nd XSD file which specifies the
valid values for that element. This way I could set up a process that reads
the valid values for the element from a database and then re-create the 2nd
XSD file as needed.

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