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RE: [xsd-dev] Login to newsgroup

In order to use the xsd-library as a standalone you need to do a few things. I am only using it for read and not write. You need to decide which version of Eclipse XSD you wnt to work with and according to the dependencies download that version and the corresponding versions of EMF and the whole Eclipse version. I am working with Eclipse XSD 1.0.2 at the moment. There are some versioning issues with Xerces - you need to use their version which is numbered differently to the Xerces download site. I think that it corresponds to 2.0.x. We use Xerces 2.0.1. 

In my classpath, I added xsd.jar, xsd.resources.jar, common.jar, ecore.jar, resources.jar, and runtime.jar. These are all located in the eclipse install.

Good luck,

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Hey folks,

Two small questions:

    * I was wondering how I could get access to the - newsgroup., both the newsgroup itself as
      the web interface needs authentication. Is there maybe somewhere I
      need to register?
    * On a more technical note: is there anyone who uses the xsd-library
      standalone, so as a DOM like API to . It seems to be quite
      complicated/heavy to keep up to date with new versions because of
      the rather strange dependencies (emf.*, ecore, ecdlipse.resources,
      ...). What is your experience with this?

Thanks a lot,


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