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[xsd-dev] Re: Using/Parsing w3.2001.XMLSchema

Do you have an <import> element information item in your schema?  You
should not need one if all you are doing is creating types which restrict
the built-in simpleTypes or you are making elements or attributes that use
the built-in simpleTypes.

Please feel free to append one of your real schemas.

Note that the lead committer for org.eclipse.xsd will not be back from
vacation until June 9th, and others of us are busy at conferences during
the same time... so please be somewhat patient.


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XSD Developers:

I am really amazed by the sample schema editor. It
has found even subtle errors.

I am trying to create classes from imported schemas,
initially using EMF, but I may switch to Castor.

The problem I am having is that the schemas I start
with reference XMLSchema itself.  I have not been able
to locate a compatible XMLSchema.xsd, XMLSchema.dtd and
datatypes.dtd (the later two being included by the first)
which are all compatible with one another.  The sample
schema editor issues dozens of errors for XMLSchema.xsd,
even when the DTD's are in the eclipse home directory
(as expected by eclipse).

EMF will expect an actual schema for any included namespace,
but I don't know how to include the XMLSchema namespace

I am not certain how to proceed. Any thoughts would be


Replying to a list?  I'll get my copy there!

Hank Ratzesberger
Institute for Crustal Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara
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