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Re: [xsd-dev] Newbie Q...

AFAIK, that package does contain the Doc(I presume you are referring to the
API Doc). So you can create it.(I did with ant because I need to create a
ant build file to build it from the source anyhow).
So I tested both from the bin distribution and newly built jar. They both
work impressively.
Hope this helps,
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Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 11:08 AM
Subject: [xsd-dev] Newbie Q...

Hello, all.


I have downloaded the latest EMF and XSD zips and unzipped them into my Eclipse directory, but I am unable to access any functionality of XSD, including the docs.  I’m running M4 right now (unable to complete a dl of M5 for some reason).


Is there some voodoo I need do?


Dean Des Rosiers

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