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[Wtp-wst-dev] [Little request about SWT Validate button]


I've noticed recently that when I right-click on an Ecore model resource (in the model editor) in my Eclipse modeling mars, I have two "Validate" buttons in the same menu. I finally found that one of them is created by SWT, in the plugin.xml of org.eclipse.wst.validation.ui more precisely. I'm not at all a web developper, and I wasn't even aware that SWT was in my Eclipse, so I was a bit surprised ! The other button is an EMF one, but it's present only on EMF resources, whereas SWT "Validate" is present on every IResource (also in the package explorer).

Would it be possible to change that button label/tooltip in next releases (in order to specify that it's related to SWT) ? I know it's not an important thing at all, but I guess it's really fast to modify for those who know the project (actually just modify the label string stored in, and you'll gain in ergonomics.  Yet there is maybe a more problematic thing: the extension point used for this button is deprecated.


Alexandre Honorat

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