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[Wtp-wst-dev] Contribution of SAP web service wizard runtime implementation



In our SAP Eclipse-based developer studio we have implemented a web service wizard runtime (commands and widgets) which creates standard JAX-WS web service providers and clients. Here are some points which could answer the question why we need another runtime besides the CXF one:

- Users are not required to have CXF neither installed in Eclipse, nor deployed on the server

- The implementation analyzes the WSDL document prior generation and provides means to detect and resolve WSDL-to-Java names collisions. The output of this process is a JAX-WS customization file which is supplied during the generation phase

- The implementation is decoupled from the specific web service technology. It defines extension points into which contributors can plug generators implementation. Thus contributors can reuse the wizard flow and call their own generator (for example JAX-WS RI, custom JAX-WS generators, CXF Axis, etc.)

SAP is willing to contribute the code to Eclipse but we do not have the capacity to drive this process. The purpose of this mail is to check whether there is some interest from the community to spend efforts on getting the code in WST in case we upload the code "as is" somewhere.

Here is a brief list of tasks which would have to be carried out:

- Package the java classes in appropriate plugins

- Refactor package names to comply with "org.eclipse.*" convention

- Substitute SAP specific namings

- Implement the proxy/provider generator interfaces to invoke wsimport/wsgen. Our current implementation invokes a SAP wrapper on wsimport/wsgen which is cannot be contributed as well

- Reimplement UI tests on SWTBot (the tests currently use Abbot as GUI testing framework)

So, anyone interested?


Regards, Danail

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