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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] XPath2 - bugs + tests (2)


It is best that you open bug reports for these.  I'm providing the link below.

As Jesper has mentioned for legal reasons, and for tracking, we need to use bugzilla for tracking purposes.   When submitting the bug, please include your patch.   So that we can apply them and get them into an upcoming release.



On 10/14/2011 07:43 AM, Łukasz Wycisk wrote:


Some other bugs:

5. FnRoundHalfToEven in case of 2 arguments

Function requires ‘number?’ what means that either empty sequence and node should be considered as correct arguments. It required to use already corrected function (bug 1) to atomize argument – FnRoundHalfToEven:93-97. Tests:

TestBugs:testNumericFunctionOnEmptySequence() and TestBugs:testFunctionAtomization2()


6. Aggregations with nil=’true’. By now they throw exceptions.

TypePromoter needed changes to take empty sequences as possible arguments.

Since count was not changed and avg=sum div count - fix takes empty nodes to average:

Please also note that $zero (second argument) in function needed to be used in empty nodes:




Tests are accumulative but I think it’s not a problem since they are single methods in on class.



Wojciech Diakowski
and Łukasz Wycisk

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