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[Wtp-wst-dev] comments about new API design in psychopath engine

Hi all,
    I'm addressing this mail to Jesper as of now, but keeping this discussion on this list to have visibility to the community.

There's the following bugzilla issue (Add proper API for xpath2)

The PsychoPath XPath engine's new API is now available on WTP Source Editing HEAD location. I got a chance now to look at this new API, and here are few comments please:

<questions for Jesper/>

You've created new interfaces like TypeDefinition, PrimitiveType and so on. In fact you seem to have created a new native PsychoPath type system in package org.eclipse.wst.xml.xpath2.api.typesystem. This is almost conceptually identical to Xerces's type system implementation.

I've few comments about this,

1. I'm very skeptical of this effort (at least rebranding of the schema type system). You've almost identically forked Xerces's type system and wrapped it (taking in and taking out the objects) in another nomenclature. Why don't we stick with Xerces's type system framework (it's so much time tested).
To my opinion, the new type system framework introduces unknown risks to the implementation (and an unnecessary learning curve to people like me).

2. There's a minor comment about the package naming convention you've chosen for the new API system. You use package name like, org.eclipse.wst.xml.xpath2.api. This is quite uncommon convention. An API class or method should be just available in some package, with public access. The package name should have domain meaning (.api introduces a technical terminology to the API implementation, which to my opinion is not a good choice).
Do you intend to keep this terminology permanently, or you're thinking to change it sometime in future?


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