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[Wtp-wst-dev] WTP DOM and PsychoPath XPath 2.0

I've have been doing some experimentation with using the WTP DOM and feeding that into the wst.xsl's Xpath 2.0 processor, and the results are pretty good. I've submitted a patch to wst.xml to address a couple of DOM Level 3 methods that we need in order to use the WTP DOM in Psychopath. I've also made a couple of tweaks that allows the processor to run with out a DOM that implements a PSVI. With these changes in place a developer can pass in a WTP DOM and PsychoPath will happily process the XPath expression against it.

This is important, so that the current XSL's XPath View can add the XPath 2.0 support.

Anyways, I've copied a select number of the existing XPath 2.0 tests and set them up in a separate test suite to use the WTP DOM as input. There are about 73 tests, mostly dealing with walking the DOM itself to select the various nodes. Current tests are checked in, but aren't part of the build pending the WTP DOM patch being applied.

You can find the patch on bug 295127.


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