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[Wtp-wst-dev] CI Builds on Hudson for WTP Source Editing

Over the last week and half with Nitin's go ahead, I have setup some CI builds running on HUDSON for the WTP Source Editing components. These are in addition to the Integration builds that happen for all of WTP on the Cruise Control system. The goal of these builds is to try and catch integrations from HEAD early and make sure that we keep HEAD as clean as possible.

Currently setup on HUDSON in the WTP view are the following:

wst.xsl -  XSL Tools, and Psychopath build/tests.
wst.xml - Builds and Tests XML, SSE, and XSD
wst.dtd - Builds and Tests DTD
wst.jsdt - Builds and Tests JSDT

Still be to be done are:


Any of the WTP Source Editing committers have rights to the various development release eng projects and setup files. All builds are running using the Athena Common Builder framework. The various releng projects are in sourceediting/development/athena

The builds can be viewed and monitored at:

If you receive a build failure notification, please do not ignore it, it could mean something is not working. I think I have all the tests added, but could use some help verifying these. If you have questions please go ahead an ask, and either Nitin or I should be able to answer them.


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