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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] PsychoPath 1.1 Athena builds

Mukul Gandhi wrote:
Hi Dave,
   Sorry for delay in reply. I was reading Martin's article, and took some
time to read it. It's a nice article.

I am not a build expert. But I feel, a true continuous integration is
beneficial for smaller code base, which is sufficiently stable, and the
team size is also small.
Actually, it's best for any type of project, and the more that it is being developed, the more it needs continuous integration.
For PsychoPath, I think instead of triggering a build with every commit
(which to me, looks like a build overhead), a build can be triggered every
hour (which will primarily be useful for developers, with the condition
that, build would occur only if any part of code has changed). A nightly
build will also be beneficial, for the users (a build will be triggered,
only if any part of code has changed since the last successful build).
The current build is setup to build check to see if it needs to build every 2 hours. A manual build can be triggered if necessary sooner.


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