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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] PsychoPath 1.1 Athena builds

Mukul Gandhi wrote:
It's still a nightly build, so it
is scheduled to run once a day at 21:00. So it's not a true continuous
integration build.
[mukul] if a nightly build is happening every day at 21:00, I think that
means at 21:00 every day, the build would take latest code from HEAD, and
make the JARs, and copy them on the URL you shared earlier.
Is this correct?
That is correct. I'm actually doing some tweaks so that it will only build if there have been changes to the main psychopath code. Cuts down the the build churn this way, since we are sharing the build server with others.

What do you mean by "true continuous integration build"? Do you mean,
whenever any thing is committed to CVS HEAD, a build will happen? If this
is correct, than is it not too much frequent? A nightly build looks to me,
the best fastest frequency, which should be given to users.
Are you aware of projects in community, which build code on the fly (i.e,
as some code is committed), and give builds to users?
Well, building more often, and sooner, allows you to catch Integration issues, and Test failures much sooner. Which also allows you to find the failure point quicker.

See, Martin Fowler's continuous integration article on why this is a good thing:

There are some projects that do this now at eclipse, but many do integration builds every 6 hrs, or so due to the length of the build runs (4 - 5 hrs).
I'll be working on a way to get these builds occurring more often when
changes happen. Still learning about some of the options with Athena.
[mukul] Is a more frequent build (i.e, whenever something is committed to
HEAD) helpful, than the nightly build?
I though nightly builds would be sufficient for the users (please see my
point above).
The nightly builds will be good for the users, the more frequent builds are good for the Developers as we can be notified of build failures. See Continuous Integration article above for more info.


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