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[Wtp-wst-dev] Issues when embedding CSS-support in the XML editor

Quick background:  I work on the Google Plugin for Eclipse.  We're adding Google Web Toolkit UiBinder support to our plugin.  (For the curious, see the hello world examples at

We're running into issues trying to get embedded CSS support for the XML editor.  Unfortunately, all the existing helper classes for getting embedded CSS support assume the parent tag of the embedded CSS will be "<style>" (like in HTML), which doesn't work for us (we namespace-prefix the style tag, e.g. "<ui:style>").  We're circumventing this by extracting the CSS text from the XML document, and creating a new, temporary CSS document and model.  For proposals, we work off this and give an adjusted document offset.  For formatting, we work off this and paste the formatted text back into the original XML document.  This is working, though hasn't been stress tested.

The latest issue which we don't have a clear workaround for is support UiBinder-specific CSS at-rules (for example, @if or @def.)  It looks like the CSS scanner and parser don't work well with custom at-rules.  For example, the scanner marks "@"  as an undefined type, and the following "if" gets marked as a selector name.  Things go downhill from there :(  CSS formatting gets thrown off, as do content proposals.

Our current approach is to replace the CSSTokenizer with our implementation (based off the original), and masquerade our custom at-rules as other tokenizer types.  For example, if we encounter an @if, we would return CSS_DELIMETER (or something similar, haven't dug around to see which type would be best.)  This should let the existing CSS formatter and content proposal logic work properly (obviously ignoring our custom CSS at-rules, which is fine for now.)

Ideally, instead of our custom at-rules masquerading as other types, we'd like to extend the CSS model, but I don't think this is possible since CSSNodeImpl and its subclasses have default (package-private) visibility.

Do you guys have any suggestions?  (I'll take all suggestions, even those that don't pertain to my issue ;) .)  Please let me know if I should clarify or explain further.


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