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[Wtp-wst-dev] .jsdtscope with wihte space

   I'm working with JSDT projects and I'm facing some problems with the ".jsdtscope" file.

   I'm creating a project with many js src folders. And I want to add all these folders to my ".jsdtscope" file as src folders.  My folder structure is something like this:

    + src
         + a
             + a1
             + scripts
         + b
             + b1
             + scripts
         + c
             + c1
             + scripts

   I have used the line bellow to do this:
   <classpathentry including="**/scripts/*" kind="src" path="src"/>

   But when I try using a folder with any white space, the script folder are not recognized as a src folder. Is there anything wrong in my jsdtscope file? There is something that I can do for fix that?


Victor Emanuel
"God gave rock and roll to you
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