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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] how to use dtd drived content assistant in wst?

In general, this mailing list is meant for the discussion of the WST 
project itself, with questions like these perhaps better addressed in the 
eclipse.webtools newsgroup on  That said, WTP's XML 
Editor should already respond to your own DTD as long as your XML file 
refers to it properly and the DTD can be found, either using the system 
reference in the document's DOCTYPE declaration or through the XML 

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP Source Editing
IBM Rational

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10/13/2008 09:39 AM
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[Wtp-wst-dev] how to use dtd drived content assistant in wst?

hi,every one!
i am currently developing a xml editor for my company.the editor need well 
content assistant support,how can i implement dtd drived content 
assistant?any easy way to adapt wst's xml editor?
how to develop the editor can use different dtd to provide content 
assitant for 
the correspond xml?
thank you very much!

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