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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] question about wsdl.ecore

Hi David,

This type of question is best asked on the Web Tools newsgroup

The WSDL ecore file is in the org.eclipse.wst.wsdl plug-in. You can get it from the Web Tools CVS repository.

For examples on how to use the WSDL EMF model see the org.eclipse.wst.wsdl.tests plug-in.

Valentin Baciu
Rational XML Web Services Tools

From: David Trigos <davidtrigos@xxxxxxxxx>
To: wtp-wst-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 10/08/2008 12:58 PM
Subject: [Wtp-wst-dev] question about wsdl.ecore

Hello, I have been trying to do some transformations from a native metamodel to wsdl,
and I seem to get incorrect format (ie, <ePortType instead of  <wsdl:PortType  tags),
also, when trying to instantiate a QName it throws error,
Does anybody know where I can get the latest correct wsdl.ecore file?
Thanks,  ar


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