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RE: [Wtp-wst-dev] WSDL Editor bugs

Hi David,


Thank you very much for fast response, I’m terribly sorry for not answering earlier.

I have one more question. In BPEL editor we use StructuredTextEditor for source editor as you do in WSDL editor. I’ve encountered a problem that after all changes are undone, text editor still thinks that it’s dirty. As I see, this is known issue (213109, 138100, 191754) and I see that it’s also affects your editor. Where is the right place to ask about the issue?





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We’re very pleased with the stability and the quality of WSDL editor.

That's the kind of bug report I like :)

I assume you know we are shutting down 3.0 now (due for release, end of this month) so it's too late for that release.
For 5 of them, I've marked as P2 and "investigate for 3.0.1" (due around end of September). That's really just a bookkeeping
item ... no guarantees we can/will fix in that maintenance release.

Amy, Valentin, Since I don't know anything about these bugs, your "investigation" may or may not result in a fix, but
at least we should update these bugs with a prognosis and outlook (that is, update by, say, end of July or so).
If there is any thing you can describe for the originators to help with (patches, test cases, etc.,) please mention the specifics in the bug).

Dennis, two of the bugs you mention  (
211278  235790 ) are actually in the BPEL component, so we don't see or look at those. If they truly belong there, that's fine,
then we'll continue to not look at them :) but if they actually belong in the WSDL component, please move them to 'Web Tools' product, "wst.wsdl" component.
Or, if there's a BPEL bug that also requires a fix in WSDL, then please open a new one in WSDL that describes the connection and issue to be solved.


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