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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] Attribute getSpecified() method.

Slight clarrification on getSpecified, the spec kinda of contradicts itself a bit (surprise):

If this attribute was explicitly given a value in the original document, this is |true|; otherwise, it is |false|. Note that the implementation is in charge of this attribute, not the user. If the user changes the value of the attribute (even if it ends up having the same value as the default value) then the |specified| flag is automatically flipped to |true|. To re-specify the attribute as the default value from the DTD, the user must delete the attribute. The implementation will then make a new attribute available with |specified| set to |false| and the default value (if one exists).
In summary:

   * If the attribute has an assigned value in the document then
     |specified| is |true|, and the value is the assigned value.
   * If the attribute has no assigned value in the document and has a
     default value in the DTD, then |specified| is |false|, and the
     value is the default value in the DTD.
   * If the attribute has no assigned value in the document and has a
     value of #IMPLIED in the DTD, then the attribute does not appear
     in the structure model of the document.
   * If the attribute is not associated to any element (i.e. because it
     was just created or was obtained from some removal or cloning
     operation) |specified| is |true|.

Currently I believe our implementation on implements the first sentence of the first paragraph. I have implemented some of the other fuctionality already for other tests, but now the issue is making sure this all stays in synch, and the current approach only works for the first case.

David Carver wrote:
I've been going through the W3C DOM Test Suite, and running the DOM Level 1 XML core compliance tests against the WTP DOM implementation. Several minor problems, I have been able to fix, but there is one that is driving me batty, and it has to do with the AttrImpl#getSpecified() method in org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.document.

The getSpecified() method is supposed to return the state of the attribute. Whether it's value has been changed or not. Currently this is done by checking to see if the ITextRegion valueRegion is not Null...if it is, it returns false if it isn't it doesn't. Unfortunately, when running through the DOM doesn't appear to be accurate half the time.

When an attribute is removed, the valueRegion should also be removed. If the attribute's value is set, the valueRegion should be updated as well. My question is, when and where is the setValueRegion() method called. As it isn't called within the AttrImpl, so I'm assuming this is something that was called from the StructuredDocument. If so...then we have a timing issue going on between when this value is updated and when the DOM is being read for this value.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated it, this little switch is driving me up a wall.


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