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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] Past EclipseCon Tutorials

David M Williams wrote:

Please do ... links from where? Our Community/Wiki FAQ?
I was thinking a seperate Resource/Tutorial page on the wiki itself. Something other community members could add too.

Please also be aware of our "Resources" page ...
Though it needs many updates, I'd also like to get that current again.

Yeah, we would still maintain those, but at the moment the community can't update those pages easily, and to get something added one has to submit a bugzilla request.

I think what you are suggesting could be different that the Resources page, though, especially if you had something of an annotated reference list that would guide the
reader or, at least, group things by topic.
Ideally, it would be nice to group the reference tutorials and how to walk throughs by category or topic to show what is necessary to completely implement certain features or functionality. Most of the past eclipse con tuturials go into greater depth of detail from a developer's stand point on extending WTP, than some of the material on the current resources page.

We almost need two resources pages. One for a user's standpoint, and one from a adopter's/developer's standpoint.


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