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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] Running WS-I tests from the commanline

David Lauzon wrote:

As Arthur has pointed out, the WS-I Test Tools are designed to be run from the command line. Note however that when running them outside eclipse, the user is using the testing harness provided by WS-I which requires among other things a configuration file to specify file locations, the TAD and the artifacts to be validated. There are three valuable documents (especially the userguide) that are available within the WS-I tools Testing Tools dowload from

Yes, I've read that article, and used those tools. However, the WS-I tools while they have been ported to work within eclipse do not generate reports without modification. You will get Null pointer exceptions. Also, from my experience with very Large XSDs, the ws-i tool at has horrible performance and makes it unusuable.

You can get the WS-I tools that come from eclipse to run without eclipse and with an ANT task with a few simple patches which have been submitted. A user should not have to go and download another package just to run the tools from the command line. The configuration file does work with the Eclipse version, as long as you capture the Null pointers that will be returned.

Just my two cents.


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