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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] Running WS-I tests from the commanline

Arthur Ryman wrote:

The WS-I Test Tools are designed to be run from the command line. Have you looked around the WS-I web site for the documentation and code? WTP just integrates the code into Eclipse.

Maybe David Lauzon can provide pointers?

Arthur Ryman, PhD, AoT, DE
Process and Portfolio Management, Rational Division
The problem here is that the code as it stands, can't be run standalone with out Eclipse being installed, as it currently has dependencies on Eclipse libraries. The patch I submitted checks to see if NULLs are being returned on certain Eclipse Resource checks, if does get Nulls, then it knows that it is running outside of eclipse and continues on with processing.. Otherwise, it will crash as it currently is implemented. The patch also adds an Ant Task so that the WS-I Validation and Reporting can be run from an Ant build script.

Bug 179722

Has the details of the patch.

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