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  • [wtp-releng] [WTPBUILD: wtp-R3.0-S] wtp-R3.0-S Build Failed, (continued)
  • [wtp-releng] Requesting respin for Source Editing bugs 218363 and 218328, Nitin Dahyabhai
  • [wtp-releng] Reminder: Focus on M5 test week, Helen Zhang
  • [wtp-releng] 2.0.2 build - Released fix for junit failure.., raghunathan srinivasan
  • [wtp-releng] [WTPBUILD: wtp-R2.0-M] wtp-R2.0-M build.38 Build Fixed, david_williams
  • [wtp-releng] [WTPBUILD: incubator-R0.5-I] incubator-R0.5-I build.16 Build Fixed, wtpBuild
  • [wtp-releng] [WTPBUILD: incubator-R0.5-I] incubator-R0.5-I build.15 Build Fixed, wtpBuild
  • [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.0 M5 I20080208081816-20080208081816, Helen Zhang
  • [wtp-releng] [WTPBUILD: incubator-R0.5-I] incubator-R0.5-I Build Failed, wtpBuild
  • [wtp-releng] [WTPBUILD: patches-R1.5-P] patches-R1.5-P Build Failed, wtpBuild
  • [wtp-releng] Junit failure on latest I build, smoketest on hold, Helen Zhang
  • [wtp-releng] fixes released for failing JSDT junits, Phil Berkland
  • [wtp-releng] Smoketest for I build delayed till later today, Helen Zhang
  • [wtp-releng] JPT respin, Neil Hauge
  • [wtp-releng] Is move to XSD Runtime causing us trouble?, David M Williams
  • [wtp-releng] Deadlock during Dynamic Web project creation, Angel Vera

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