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[wtp-releng] WTP and Disk usage report for Hudson/Build

According to recent "disk usage" report, some areas of WTP need attention ...

... and one that really stands out

 2.2G cbi-wtp-wst.jsd

Why is that one so high? Seems unlikely that anything near 2 G is really needed. Please take following actions .... or, explain what's up.

a. immediately shrink by removing anything (e.g. old builds?) that are not absolutely needed.
b. change job configuration settings or employ some other strategy to keep below 1G on an ongoing basis (or, again, explain why that can not be done).
c. This job appears to be running on "master" ... any reason for that? Should be running on slaves.

Let us know if this can not be addressed by, say, our status meeting on Thursday.


----- Forwarded by David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM on 02/22/2011 09:10 PM -----

From:        genie@xxxxxxxxxxx
To:        cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        02/22/2011 08:45 PM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] Disk usage report for Hudson/Build
Sent by:        cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Compiled 2011-02-22T20:07

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson master jobs and workspace (2011-02-22T10:00)
  6.3G eclipse-equinox-test-N
  3.4G buckminster-egf-helios
  3.3G cbi-atf-0.3-nightly
  3.1G buckminster-egf-indigo
  2.3G tycho-mat-nightly
  2.2G cbi-wtp-wst.jsdt
  1.7G gmp-graphiti-nightly
  1.6G eclipse-JUnit-Linux
  1.4G Xtext-nightly-Maintenance
  1.3G emf-cdo-integration
  1.2G gyrex-integration
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared (1000G capacity) (2011-02-22T10:00)
236.0G eclipse
121.3G technology
 49.7G jobs
 47.9G tools
 21.2G webtools
 18.8G rt
 18.3G modeling
 15.2G download-staging.priv
 11.6G galileo.tgz
 10.5G common
  7.6G stp
  6.1G dsdp
  4.2G orbit
  4.0G cbi
  3.7G helios
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1             55G  4.9G   51G   9% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave1 (50G capacity) (2011-02-22T10:00)
  1.9G virgo.kernel.snapshot
  1.5G eclipse-JUnit-Linux
  1.2G cbi-papyrus-integration
  1.2G cdt-nightly
  1.2G cdt-release
  1.1G eclipse-equinox-test-N
  1.1G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
  1.0G cbi-wtp-wst.xml
  1.0G cbi-jubula-0.9-nightly
  1.0G cbi-jubula-0.9-helios
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1             55G  4.5G   51G   9% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave2 (50G capacity) (2011-02-22T10:00)
  2.3G cbi-scout-3.7
  1.9G virgo.kernel.snapshot
  1.4G tycho-mat-nightly
  1.3G cbi-papyrus-0.7-nightly
  1.0G modisco-nightly
  1.0G cbi-jubula-0.9-helios
  1.0G gyrex-nightly
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1             55G   29G   27G  51% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave3 (50G capacity) (2011-02-22T10:00)
 15.2G eclipse-equinox-test-N
  1.5G matt_test
  1.3G gyrex-nightly
  1.1G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
==== END: ====

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