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[wtp-releng] Can we move smoke tests (and declared builds) "up" a day ... to Wednesday Sept 1?

Instead of Thursday, Sept. 2, that is.

Due to a holiday on Monday, which many people turn into a long weekend ...

and due to (I've just learned) a large group of committers will be away from the office on at least Thursday afternoon due to a "site activity" so to speak. (They will be bowling ... we expect pictures! :)

So, if everyone could get "code in" by Tuesday evening, we can smoke test on Wednesday (instead of Thursday) with buffer for emergency respin on Thursday morning (instead of Friday morning).  

Sound reasonable?

If someone can _not_ get all their code in by Tuesday evening due to this short notice, let us know here on this list, and perhaps we can still do most of the smoke testing on Wednesday, with some few teams doing it on Thursday as planned?
Hopefully we can get it over with on Wednesday and everyone enjoy a long weekend ... well, those in North America anyway that have a scheduled holiday. Everyone in other parts of the world can ... well, do what you'd normally do :)


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