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[wtp-releng] XSL CI build migrated to Maven3/Tycho

Over the weekend, I migrated the Hudson CI build for wst.xsl to use maven 3/tycho.

This shouldn't affect the existing WTP Integration build.   A couple of items did change during the migration:

1.  Since all the existing unit tests were using Java 1.5 and that was the minimum JRE, I've migrated them to use Junit 4.
2.  I've updated version numbers where appropriate, as maven 3/tycho found some descrepancies.

David is there anything special I need to do to make sure that the WTP build picksup the new Junit 4 tests appropriately, I made sure the AllTestsSuite is updated appropriately?

If not I'll release the changes for 3.3M2 on Monday.


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