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[wtp-releng] New build running against Eclipse 4.0

I've set up a new build, labeled "wtpe4" on committers download page.

 For example, see

The compile errors are not as bad as I would have feared. Only three bundles effected.
And I'm thinking the worst of those (org.eclipse.wst.server.core ) may just have some "old" unused code related to update manager.
The other two bundles that need attention are

Effected teams please take a look and see if these could easily be corrected.

While we won't have a declared Eclipse 4.0 based M1 per se, ideally these compile errors could be fixed this week, in time for our 3.7 M1.

Let us know what the outlook might be. If requires some major work, feel free to track via a bugzilla. Or ... who knows ... maybe we need
to request changes in Eclipse 4.1?

Once it compiles .... then we'll see how it runs! :)


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