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[wtp-releng] Two reminders for this week: versioning and triage


Before our Wednesday evening candidate RC2 build, please check that your plugin versioning is correct for our RC2 M-build.

If the latest report is correct, there's still lots of service fields to increment?

I'm giving this reminder now, since in the past, it often takes several "passes" to have everything correct, and I'd like to be sure they don't all wait till the "last minute" ... with would be next week's RC3 build ... hopefully our final build for 3.2.1 maintenance. It would be nice to have most correct for this week's RC2 build, if possible.


As discussed at last week's status meeting, there are still many bugs targeted to WTP 3.2.1 (Or Dali's 2.3.1). Please triage by Thursday's status meeting, so we can have a realistic picture of what remains to be done.  
You can find some queries in the status meeting agenda at

Bugs targeted to 3.2.1
Bugs targeted to 2.3.1


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