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[wtp-releng] Status of WTP builds, and outlook

I killed the tests of  S-3.2.0RC4-20100603031708 so I could start another build that one one more fix in it, and also updates to our prereqs. So that one should be a pretty good RC4 candidate, probably not ready 'till 10 or noon.

But ... I've been reminded recently that RC4 really should be our last contribution, if at all possible. Therefore, I'd like to take advantage of our +3 status before "declaring" our RC4. That'd give us the weekend,
and Monday, and Tuesday to find any last minute bad bugs/regressions we caused and get them fixed before we deliver RC4. And then that's it. Try really hard to make that the last one.

I propose we still smoke test on Thursday/Friday as we have been ... but wait to declare our final, official version next Tuesday night, or early Wednesday.  That'd put us in sort of continuous test mode with maybe 2 or 3 more fixes? before declaring our final RC4 build.

We'll discuss at status meeting.


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