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[wtp-releng] No joy for Thursday morning smoke test

Maybe afternoon. Here's why.

There are at least 6 "approved" bugs, that are not marked fixed ... and I saw another 6 be released after current build started, So, we need to get all approved bugs into a build ASAP.

The build system is busy, and the tests take too long to complete. In one case, the limit was hit, and none of the test results published. In the second case, I sat and watched it as it got close to the limit, and then manually killed all the remaining individual tests one at a time so the overall timer would not time out. I think its currently publishing something .. but if your test says DNF .. that's just me killing it due to not enough time.

I'll set our priority back to "normal" so hopefully any builds on Thursday will return to their normal 6 hour time, instead of the 12 hours the last two have needed.

I should also update some pre-reqs, where they are ready.

Of course, it is not a bad idea if you start testing early on what ever build is available ... we should be mostly testing all the time, now ... right?  ... but it won't be our final build for RC2. I think that build won't get finished until Thursday evening, so we'll set noon? 3 PM? Friday to have that declared.



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