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Re: [wtp-releng] Status and outlook for WTP M7 ... S build

As for the Dali tests, it looks like this was a particularly long build, so I imagine we just didn't finish our normal run.  We have a solution to this problem planned for RC1, which will involve running the 4 suites of tests that make up the jpt.core tests individually, which should prevent us from timing out when there isn't actually a test problem.  I'd like to make this change after M7 just to insure we don't mess anything up in the process.  Hopefully when we respin for the final platform we will get a clean test run.  Perhaps the server will be less busy over the weekend.


David M Williams wrote:

Remember to look at/test the S build today. (not I-build).

Unfortunately the JPA Unit tests "Did Not Finish" ... as they sometimes don't ...
 probably just because the server was busy.

Would the Dali team like a re-build? With the hope their unit tests have time to run?

I also think some of the "releng tests" changes were not done in time to be picked up by this build.
(I am thinking this because after the S-build completed this morning, another build was started,
so something changed. If anyone knows of any more important fix was contributed, that does _require_
a rebuild, be sure to say so. I killed the re-started build so as to not waste resources, and put
the builds on pause, until we know we need one.

I'm open to other ideas, but my recommendation is to

A. confirm what we have, that is, finish or update

B. Still declare around noon today.

C. After that, move up to platform's final M7 (and other pre-reqs, if they are ready), re-run
over the weekend ... and if any problems pop-up in JUnit tests consider then if we need a fix,
and promote an M7a by Tuesday.

Let me know if any concerns (or, if problems found in your final confirmations).


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