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[wtp-releng] Our plans for M7 re-build

Just to be sure everyone knows ... as discussed in status meeting, we will respin M7, with two fixes,
bug 311029 and bug 308947

I've paused the builds until fixes for both those two bugs have been released (no need to coordinate),
so I'll wait to here from Carl and Neil they are ready, before "resuming" the build. Please
post a not here to wtp-releng.

In the mean time, I know some of you wanted to make "releng fixes" for versioning, about files, etc., so that's ok,
as long as obviously safe and done before we respin (that is, we would not delay or respin _just_ for that,
but, since it is a must-do for the release, it is ok to do now.

Lastly, ... I have a confession to make .... while pausing the I build, I realized our I builds are not signed,
and our milestone builds should be signed ... .so when I resume the builds, we'll produce an S-build.

Please don't release any other fixes meant for RC1 ... well, hey, we're starting PMC Review mode
so you shouldn't be doing that anyway :)

Let's say our target is to (still) declare by noon on Friday. If any of these fixes or re-builds take longer, we'll
update status here.


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