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[wtp-releng] Results of investigating massive JUnit failures

For the curious, by "trial and error" I narrowed down the cause of the massive JUnit failures removing an old version (1.7.0) of org.apache.ant from the releng test feature (while trying to cleanup stuff we no longer used).

I've added it back for now, and the more recent prereqs, such as for 0414 platform.

I've opened bug 309621 to track the issues until we can remove this old bundle.
I don't understand it all, exactly, but think its presence (or absence) changes the exact order and "wiring"
between various classloaders.

I do think this is complicated by us having "mixed" constraints on JUnit 4, so I cleaned up some of that, as much as I could.
This means some junits might fail, and need "real" attention, instead of me just changing the files.

... we still have some bundles that require a
narrow range of JUnit, e.g.
Require-Bundle: ...

org.eclipse.wst.xml.validation.tests [this one was fixed in head, but not released]

The first 4 I could fix in and there were no compile errors, but of course I don't
know for sure they will still run ok.

the http.core.tests one needed some "quick fixes" to fix compile errors ... so
even a greater chance that it won't run (test) correctly.

But, lastly, I discovered that
from Orbit still had a narrow range for (optional) JUnit bundle.
bug 309619.
I've fixed in Orbit, but will take a few days to trickle through to where we
can include it.

At that time, it'd be worth trying again to remove our org.apache.ant version 1.7.0

I hope you all had a fun weekend too. :)


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