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[wtp-releng] We need to update our (and license.html files)

For Helios, a new requirement is to use an exactly consistent license string in files (and the same, consistent text in the license.html file at
the root of each feature).

This is for "ease of use" in the installer's license acceptance dialog, so users are not overwhelmed with scores of licenses, at least when they differ just by some insignificant thing. That way, when they are installing something that is covered by different licenses, they can more easily see that and make their "accept" decision more meaningfully.

I suspect most (all?) of ours in WTP should be updated/corrected so they match the
"standard" ones exactly. I know at least the "dates" are different :(  

See bug 306627 for the standard text.

I've opened our own releng bug to track our progress. I can try to help with some of them (where I'm a committer)
but if/when you fix any, please update our bug so we have an idea of which are fixed, and which still need attention.

Much thanks,

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