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RE: [wtp-releng] Status and outlook for our M6 delivery

Ok, the current build still has a couple of hours to finish the tests.  (If they finish ... the last time, they finished with 10 minutes to spare before the 5 hour time limit!  :(

So I'll assume what ever build automatically starts after that will have all the required fixes in it.
If anyone notices the build is already running with they commit their final fixes, please let me know, and I'll restart what ever is running.

I'll also update pre-reqs to more recent ones from eclipse and dtp (emf and gef are sooo stable! :)


Normally I'd just trust them not to change anything ... but, given recent history, we should make sure by building with them.

I haven't heard from Tim or Angel yet about the remote server install issue ... but, I agree, that should be fixed before we declare M6. I assume there's no work around.


From: Raghunathan Srinivasan <raghunathan.srinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Webtools releng discussion list <wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 03/12/2010 01:06 PM
Subject: RE: [wtp-releng] Status and outlook for our M6 delivery
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Update from JSF Tools team: We have fixes for all the 3 bugs , the version issues and will checkin by 11.00 AM PST
Regarding item 3 below on the failures in the JSP unit tests,  I am assuming the JSP team will look into it.
From: David M Williams [mailto:david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx]
Friday, March 12, 2010 9:21 AM
[wtp-releng] Status and outlook for our M6 delivery


Looks like we will be missing our deadline for delivering M6 today.

Given the one estimate of getting a fix by 6 PM Eastern, that means we
wouldn't even get a final build until early Saturday morning. Will
effected teams be able to confirm and sign off over the weekend?

Here is a summary, from what I can tell, of what remains to be done.

Anything else?

> JSF Tools smoke test on JSF 2.0 features failed with 3 major issues
> that we would like to address in M6:
> 305615  JSF 2.0 support requires Facelet facet..
>  – We are working on a fix for this issue.  Tentative ETA is Friday,
> 3.00 PM PST.
> 305607 Attribute content assist not available for new facelet tag libraries
> - Safe and simple fix ready to checkin
> 305618 Content Assit in EL throws NPE - Safe and simple fix ready to checkin

remote server adapters not working
I'm sure this is due the churn there resulting from P2 API changes, but
also surprised this wouldn't be part of server tools smoke test.
Please investigate (and add to smoke test, if not already).

Unit test "fixes" caused by last minute addition of JSF 2.0 function.

Still several versioning errors:

Bundles with qualifier-only increases


1.1.100.v2010022311013 (current)
1.1.100.v200810092245 (reference)


1.1.0.v201003111351 (current)
1.1.0.v20090525 (reference)


1.0.301.v201002020815 (current)
1.0.301.v200805140020 (reference)

Features with qualifier-only increases


3.1.0.v200809051357-62FIXBgJ9AfARDdHGJW4 (current)
3.1.0.v200809051357-62FIXBgJ99nBPBjIHN_ (reference)


2.2.0.v20090517-20-7w312114222462 (current)
2.2.0.v20090517-20-7w311A1636 (reference)


2.2.0.v20090310-53-8-52B6696B3954D1C63225333 (current)
2.2.0.v20090310-53-8-52B6695K3B688x422B2747 (reference)

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